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What should I look for in a coach?

Though personalities differ, a competent coach communicates well, pushes you to extend your boundaries, respects your abilities, and inspires you to act.

How will working with a good coach make me feel?

After a session with a good coach, you may feel a variety of emotions, but most people report feeling confidence, focused, self-aware, and challenged.

Why type of issues might a coach help me with?

Reasons vary, but some examples of reasons to work with a coach are:
• You have a challenging goal coming
• You have a big decision to make
• You are seeking to balance your work and life.
• You feel as if you are not advancing because of lack of knowledge or confidence.

Hear It From Our Clients

  • Hetlena J.

    Carmen’s professionalism made me more comfortable with the private release of my feelings and concerns. Her voice and tolerance kept me calm during many frustrated moments. I have to say, I probably released more private feelings working with Carmen as a coach than I ever have in past conversations we’ve had on a personal level. The experience of having her as a coach has confirmed her expertise in individual perception, listening, and caring for others. She never made me feel like my point of view was wrong, selfish, or not ‘right’ in any way. She was excellent in steering my thoughts away from the why area of my mind and into the why not with planning and dedicated execution of my plans. I am looking forward to obtaining her services, again, in the near future.
  • Shenita T.

    I would recommend Ms. Landy because she takes her time to tackle issues and is very invested in her clients. I have gained so much more confidence and insight since she has been coaching me. I have gained awareness of how she ask me questions such as never making it seem like she was telling me what to do, but asking me what should I do. This made me feel as if I knew some of the answers but needed that push in the right direction. I would recommend her service because of that unique approach.